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Melina Perez (born March 9, 1979 in Los Angeles, California), better known simply as Melina is an American professional wrestler and manager, currently working for World Wrestling Entertainment on the SmackDown! brand.

Melina's ring entrance is an incredible display of her flexibility. Standing beside the ring, she will lift her right leg onto the apron, then her left leg (at this point she is doing a split on the apron), then bend her upper body under the bottom rope.
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Perez made her WWE debut on November 29, 2004 in Baltimore as Melina, the newest Diva, being signed by the GM for the night, Randy Orton. Orton booked her in a "Diva Lingerie" contest. The following week on RAW, she took part in a game of Limbo booked by the week's GM, Chris Jericho.

Melina redebuted as a heel on SmackDown! on April 14, 2005 along with Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury, with whom she formed the group MNM. After leading Nitro and Mercury to the WWE Tag Team Championships, she began a feud with Michelle McCool after assaulting McCool's friend Heidenreich with the assistance of Nitro and Mercury. The following week on SmackDown!, Melina went on to win her first match in WWE after an illegal pin on McCool.

Melina next began a feud of her own with Torrie Wilson. The pair would finally meet in the ring at The Great American Bash in a Bra and Panties match, which Melina won.

Then came a brief feud with Sharmell which led to a mixed tag match pitting Melina & fellow MNM member Joey Mercury vs. Sharmell & husband Booker T. Melina's team was successful with help form Jillian Hall.

Melina would go on to feud with Christy Hemme, gaining a victory over Hemme thanks to Mercury and Nitro. After the match Mercury and Nitro would set Hemme up for their Snapshot finishing move, but the Legion of Doom 2005 made the save for Hemme, setting up a match at No Mercy where MNM would face LOD & Hemme in an intergender 6-person tag match.

At No Mercy, MNM was defeated by LOD and Christy, when Christy hit the Doomsday Device on Melina; this was Melina's first loss in WWE. On November 14, for the special Eddie Guerrero RAW tribute show, Melina participated in an Interpromotional diva battle royal, eliminating WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus for the victory. The two would feud over the Women's Championship, with Stratus defeating Melina at Survivor Series 2005, winning with the interference of Mickie James.

On the December 16 edition of SmackDown!, Melina attempted to get MNM out of their title match by seducing Batista. Her plan backfired, which humiliated Melina and caused the fans to chant "slut" during the match later on in the show. Two weeks later, Melina gave a press conference annoucing that she had filed a (kayfabe) lawsuit for sexual harassment against Batista. In this same edition of SmackDown!, Melina teamed up with Mark Henry to attack Batista, which helped MNM regain the Tag Team Championships for the third time in under a year. The sexual harassment storyline has recently been dropped with Batista having to take time off because of injury. On the January 20 edition of SmackDown!, Mark Henry and Daivari attacked Kurt Angle and announced that Melina turned over Mark Henry to the managerial services of Daivari.

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